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1st Pattern US Army OG-107 Jungle Jacket


1st Pattern US Army OG-107 Jungle Jacket


In 1962, the Natick Laboratory pioneered the creation and introduction of a lightweight, green combat uniform tailored for deployment in Southeast Asia. This initial design laid the foundation for what is now referred to as the 1st pattern tropical jungle uniform. Over time, the combat uniform underwent iterative enhancements, evolving through various patterns. The culmination of these improvements resulted in the widely adopted 3rd pattern, which ultimately became the standard fatigue uniform worn by American forces during the Vietnam War.


1st pattern Jungle Jackets are extremely rare due to the low numbers produced – compared to the 2nd and 3rd patterns.


– Four expandable buttoned pockets

– Rips stop OG 107 fabric

– Concealed buttons on front closure 

– Hang tab

– All labels present 

– Pencil slot


Overall this jacket is in amazing condition for its age is rare. All buttons and labels are present and correct, with some signs of wear and age-related marks.

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