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Flecktarn Military Combat Pants 30x28


Flecktarn Military Combat Pants


The original German Army 5-colour pattern was designed for use in European temperate woodland terrain.


The German Army first started experimenting with disruptive patterns before WWII – However it wasnt until 1976 that the Federal Defence developed a number of prototype camouflage patterns.


Designed by the German company Marquardt & Schulz, several patterns were developed and tested by the German military. The pattern named "Flecktarn B" was chosen as the final pattern. The word flecktarn is a composite formed from the German words Fleck (spot, blot) and Tarnung (camouflage). Flecktarn was eventually widley introduced in 1990 in a newly reunited Germany


– Combat pockets with snap closure

– Two waist pockets

– Suspender buttons

– Pleated fly


Over all in great condition with no rips, tears or repairs.


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