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Levi's Buckle Back Selvedge 501xx 30x31


Levi's Buckle Back Selvedge 501xx


Levi's reproduction of one of their most iconic styles from the early 20th century. The 1922 501 was offering buyers the option of cutting off the cinch and removing the suspender buttons in favour of wearing a belt. By now it was so popular to cut the cinch and suspender buttons off that Levi’s retailers kept a large pair of fabric scissors on the shop’s desk just for the occasion. After the purchase, they cut off the cinch right at the rivet and snipped off the suspender buttons before leaving the store. 


– Levi's Big E red tab

– Suspender, belt loop and cinch back details

– Exposed rivets 

– Selvedge seam

– 5 pocket design 


Overall in very good condition with great fading throughout 

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