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US Army WWII HBT 1940s 13 Star Shirt


US Army WWII HBT 1940s 13 Star Shirt


Before the outbreak of WWII, the US Army issued a denim jumper, trousers, and hat for fatigue duties and used the cotton khaki shirt and trousers for a summer uniform. By the late 1930s, the US Army recognized the need for a more practical uniform in a more suitable colour. In 1941, a green uniform made from cotton herringbone twill (HBT) fabric was introduced to replace both the denim and khaki cotton uniforms for work and field operations. Shirts, trousers, coveralls and caps were produced. These garments were issued to all Army personnel in all theatres of operations, ultimately becoming one of the most common and iconic garments worn during WWII.


– Two large breast pockets

– Herringbone twill 

– Original iconic 13 star US metal buttons

– Lovely faded olive drab colour 

– Repairs made professionally using 40s denim


One of our favourite pieces in the collection and an item that epitomises the Worne brand. An abundance of character and history lies within this jacket.  The repairs have been made professionally all using original 40s denim – a very cool and unique piece.

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