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USN N-4 WW II Deck Jacket


US Navy WWII USN Deck Jacket


The Navy’s equivalent to the Army’s M-41 field jacket, the N-4 was the primary all-around combat field jacket of the US Navy towards the end of WWII. Constructed out of dense cotton khaki twill, the N4 was a staple for both officers and enlisted men.


– Standard issue USN Stencil

– 1940s era

– Cotton shell and green coloured wool liner

– Hidden zip behind a button fly which features 6 original buttons

– Original label is intact but not readable

– Hidden button on the underside of the collar for neck fastening 


Overall this jacket is in remarkable condition for its age. Dated from the 1940s it is approaching 80 years old. There are no noticeable tears or repairs and the zip is in working order.

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