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Vintage Levi's Early 1960s Redline Selvedge Made in USA


Original 1960s Levis Big E Selvedge Made in the USA


An incredible pair of early 60s Levis Big E Redline Selvedge. There have been repairs made, which only adds to the character of the denim. The denim has been dated by the characteristics listed below. 


– Original Gripper Zipper zip

– Concealed stamped rivets

– Redline selvedge

– Made in the USA

– Patches and red tab have been removed with age

– Selvedge coin/watch pocket

– Single stitch lemon waistband

– Off Centre belt loop

– 100% cotton 


This item has had significant repairs adding to the story and character or the denim. The repairs carried out have been done by professionals and denim specialists. These jeans are around 60 years old and are in amazing condition for their age.


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